House Of Glass Dolls

by Fletcher Kaufman

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Seth Olinksy - "Fletcher Kaufman's dad, Mr. Kaufman, was my 6th grade art teacher at Curtin Middle School in Williamsport, PA. As students would daily drift into class, Mr. Kaufman would sing a strange and bizarre little song called the Coke bottle song. The melody was odd and as best I can remember the only lyrics were actually Coke, Bottle, and Song.

Several years later I met and gave a few guitar lessons to Fletcher before I moved to New York City, but didn't really get to know him and work together until I moved back to Pennsylvania after burning out on Brooklyn and needing some space. Fletcher it turns out had taken his dad's penchant for strange song, combined it with deep study into the music theories of various traditions and developed it into an entire world of outsider recordings. He loaded me up with box sets of strange four track recordings, drones, falsetto noise pop hits, electronic smashes and soundtracks to unmade Italian art house films. When I heard he had a new batch of songs he was working on I approached him about helping him to produce them.

Fletcher is never short on ideas, so I acted more as a sounding board. He'd come over and play me the songs or the new arrangements and we'd brainstorm possible directions to take it in. I also got to play some guitar and drums!?! and had Miles play some bass on the songs. The songs took shape, then would fall apart and take shape in a totally new direction. The arrangements folded in upon themselves but always the songs were there holding it all together-both personal and mythical-outsider and simple-all sung and performed with total commitment.

The songs and sounds all fit into their own outsider world. It is the world of sound that only Fletcher could craft in that little room of his, surrounded by books on Indian Classical music and Death Metal, obscure vinyl, parts of skeletons and art film videocassettes. Small enough and filled with so many books and records that he had to lean the bed up against the wall in the daytime to work on his music.

I think that this is ultimately just one more country, one more planet, in the universe of sound and song that Fletcher will create in our world. But it is the most focused and fun planet yet and I highly recommend you visit."


released October 1, 2010

Fletcher Kaufman - House Of Glass Dolls

1. Meeting Our Friends
2. Marilyn
3. Put It On
4. Grasping Love
5. Baby Blue
6. I Am You
7. West Chron
8. All The Colors Of The Dark
9. Meeting Our Friends Remix
10. Marilyn Remix
11. Meeting Our Friends Alternate Version
12. Put It On Remix

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License 2010

All music written by Fletcher Kaufman except 'I Am You' written by Charles Lloyd.

Produced by Fletcher Kaufman and Seth Olinsky -


Fletcher Kaufman - all tracks, various instruments and vocals.

Charles Lloyd - guitar on 'Meeting Our Friends' , guitar,bass and banjo on 'Marilyn', guitar, bass, and vocals on 'Grasping Love', bass on 'Baby Blue', extra guitar on 'Marilyn Remix'.

Alex Callenberger - guitar on 'Put It On'

Seth Olinsky - guitar on 'Put It On', drums on 'Baby
Blue', guitar and vocals on 'West Chron'.

Miles Seaton - bass on 'Meeting Our Friends', bass on 'Marilyn'.

Val LaCerra - vocals on "Marilyn', vocals on 'Put It On'.

Johnny J. Blair - clavinet on 'Meeting Our Friends Alternate Version'

Special thanks to my family, friends and fellow musicians for all the support!!

Charles Lloyd - ""Working with Fletcher Kaufman reminds a musician of the excitement of collaboration. I never know what Fletcher might want from me, musically speaking, but I always know when he's got it because he starts bobbing his head ecstatically. There is a pure, primal energy that he's after, and that makes for great music. I admire how Fletcher embraces and incorporates musical practices, traditions, and theories from around the world and throughout musical history into his own personal experience and interpretation of music." -

Val LaCerra - "When I finally heard Put it On with Alex Callenberger and Seth Olinsky's contributions, and moreover the complete House of Glass Dolls, I admit I reveled in my contribution to something so novel and even groundbreaking. In House of Glass Dolls, Fletcher Kaufman embraces an exotic pallet of musical styles, rhythms, and timbres to create something sonically diverse--but unified enough to swallow whole." -

Alex Callenberger - "My work with Fletcher Kaufman has been both inspiring and transcendental. Fletcher is precise and focused on what he is in search of in the sonic realm. His tactics are liberating yet understood. I feel the freedom to let my interpretation of the music to flow as it will naturally. Fletcher then analyzes the performance and meticulously chooses the songs best and strongest attributes. Fletcher is a true musical talent who finds his art in the chaos and serendipitous nature of the world around us." -

Johnny J. Blair - "It was my honor to record with Fletcher Kaufman. Fun and funky." -




Fletcher Kaufman Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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